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I'm In Love With A Girl Named Spike:A Degrassi Podcast

Jan 31, 2019



Spike gets angry.  Shane likes playing catch. Alexa somehow fits in Stephanie Kaye's clothes.  Simon is dreamy.  Lucy throws the party of the century!!!

Jan 24, 2019

Stephanie still loves wheels.   Stephanie gives wheels death look.  Stephanie makes Joey sports editor.   Stephanie cries in bathroom.  Stephanie walks home with Arthur.   Stephanie Stephanie Stephanie.

Jan 17, 2019

Wheels meets his real dad and guess What?   Awkward!!!   We talk wheels, gush over our spike talk, the zit remedy, and probably more obsession over extras Nancy and Wai Lee.  

Jan 10, 2019

The Rolls Royce of degrassi episodes!  We discuss Spike, more Spike, a little Shane, some Yick, a touch of Arthur and Melanie, but mostly spike cause she's the best ever.   and drum roll please..............this episode features our heroine in our first ever interview(starts at 28min mark).   Yes, Amanda Stepto joins us...

Jan 3, 2019

Rick shows us smoking is cool, Yick is jealous of astronauts, Arthur likes crazy glue, and did we mention Rick likes to smoke?