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I'm In Love With A Girl Named Spike:A Degrassi Podcast

Aug 29, 2019

How many bags of chips are too many bags of chips?  is a 48 pack of soda enough for a teen party?  Is Lucys mom Carmen San Diego? 

Hot Takes all around. 

Aug 22, 2019

How many racists can you count in this episode?  Also, wheels is bad at math.  

Aug 15, 2019

We talk with our friend Kati from @Broomheadz at length about Carol and Mr. K's "relationship"

Aug 8, 2019

we talk about Mem'ries.  Also what really happened on that bridge! 

Aug 1, 2019

The degrassi multiverse is finally happening!!!   Shane takes lsd, a kind soul offers wheels a ride, spike and liz are stoked to see Gourmet Scum, Tim lectures Luke and Shane, t-shirt sales are plentiful.  Listen, comment, and enjoy!