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I'm In Love With A Girl Named Spike:A Degrassi Podcast

Dec 28, 2023

Episode 272: The finale! Mike admits he was wrong about the "ska" song in the first episode of this four parter. 

Dec 21, 2023

Episode 271:  Whos kiss is the worst?  Spinner/Emma, Jane/Creeper, or Fiona/Declan?



Dec 14, 2023

Episode 270:  Ricks time is in short supply as he has a ramen date in Reno, NV.  We talk the second part of this class degrassi movie. 

Dec 7, 2023

Episode 269:  We discuss part 1 of the 4 part movie.  We also touch on explosions. 

Nov 30, 2023

Episode 268;Mike is in Hawaii.....Rick is in Santa Fe, and Hannah is just sick in bed.  We talk about the set up for Degrassi Takes Manhattan.